2015, December

Mutual 05 - Beyond
Pleasure and Pain - Vers.

Dear DJs & music lovers,
We are proud to announce the fifth release of Mutual Musik:

"Beyond Pleasure and Pain - Versions" by Johannes Beck.


1 Love Sex Dreams (Of.Vincent’ s Fatal Hypnomogia Remix)
2 Nobody is Dancing (Stanley Schmidt’ s Empty Dancefloor Mix)
3 Nachtwache (Tristen Remix)
4 Schwarzer Zucker feat. Stella Eleven (Bonustrack)

Our 5th release is about to make its mark on the world and this time we explore the ways of mutual-allusion with „VERSIONS“. Johannes Beck ́s KANN Records affiliated album „Beyond Pleasure and Pain“ (released 2014, #18) is taken-on and turned into three very intense and diverse „VERSIONS“.

OF.VINCENT‘S (half of Dürerstuben, Pampa) playfully- popy perspective on „Love Sex Dreams“, paves the way for STANLEY SCHMIDT‘ S (Rivulet, resident DJ of Homopatik) obligingly-trancey remix of „Nobody is Dancing“ and still leaves one aching for TRISTEN‘ S (Aim, White) tenaciously-hypnotizing take on „Nachtwache“. As a supplement Beck opens the door to his album-preceding studio works and shares „Schwarzer Zucker feat. Stella Eleven“ with us. A truly uplifting collaboration and the perfect icing on the cake that is our 5th MUTUAL.

As an additional treat to our 5th release a special Wertstück-Flickli - designed and manufactured in Berlin and strongly limited to 100 pieces - will be available.

Release date: 14.12.2015
Format: Digital (MP3 / WAV) + Handmade Flickli incl. Download Code

Digital - Wordandsound / Whatpeopleplay.com
Flickli - Wertstück / flickli.de

Supported by:
Dave DK
Noah Pred
Werner Niedermeier
Philip Sherburne


Artwork: Fine Heininger
Mastering: Cristobal (Scape Mastering)


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03 Mutual05 Flickli.
02 Mutual05 Cover A.
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