2011, June

Inverted Audio - Interview J.Beck

Johannes Beck mixed the 26 Podcast for Inverted-Audio.com
He answered some questions about making music, people who inspired him and about the Labels Mutual Musik and Kann Records.

Listen and read at Inverted-Audio.com

IA said:

Johannes Beck is a producer, DJ and composer from Berlin. I first heard his music whilst listening to Kann‘s debut compilation CD ‘Family Horror‘. The final track ‘Rendezvous’ features a grooving ambient arrangement of strings, glitch and minimalism perfect for deep daytime reflections and mind expansion.
Beck’s DJ career began during the late 90s when the Berlin music and club scene truly began to take off. He quickly internalized the sense of how to create magic moments with music. As a live act, DJ and coordinator of parties and club events (Maria am Ufer, NBI) he contributed to some unforgettable nights in Berlin club history.
Since 2003 Beck has been playing his music in live sets in order to perform them in a more intense way. In 2005 his first album ”Mistake” was released and during the album tour he played live in cities such as Barcelona, Cologne and Berlin. This not being enough, he then started in his early thirties to compose film scores and music for contemporary dance.
Beck’s mix features a fine selection of records ranging from the deep sounds of Map.Ache and Andy Stott to the progressively uplifting sounds of Martin Landsky and Steffi.
We’d also like to give a special mention to the artwork faceting the cover of this mix as it was painted especially by ‘Fine Heininger‘, designer of Mutual Musik.

IA-MIX-26-Johannes-Beck by Johannes Beck

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Artwork: Fine Heininger


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