2010, March


Strongly influenced by the Berlin club scene and the love for electronic dance music, Dürerstuben now exists since early 2009. Though its musical roots are undoubtedly based in Hip Hop, the project soon evolved and found a place in the house genre.

The young producers David Hofmann and Till Gerloff, both from different musical backgrounds, quickly discovered their common interest in writing music with character and soul as well as creating a lively stage presentation. After the first few smaller shows, their musical repertoire developed from a couple of tracks into a two-hour live set which has since been played in numerous clubs and bars in Berlin and Germany and helped the Dürerstuben win over more and more excited fan base. The most important thing for the two young guys is creatively and fondly pouring effort into filling every club night with the atmosphere that is so unique about the Dürerstuben's live sets.

pictures by Christoph Engelhard


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