2013, September

Studio Bruno

Studio Bruno is the joint project of Johannes Beck as well as his friend musicians and producers.

The concept of Studio Bruno is based on a one week stay at Studio Bruno in an old farmhouse in Steigerwald, Franconia, a lovely Nature Park in North Bavaria, where each musician invited brings a machine or an instrument of his choice. The focus of that week is the common producing and live improvising.

For the first record Steffen Bennemann (NACHTDIGITAL) and Sevensol (KANN) were invited. Sevensol brought his TR-707, his Monotron Delay and Steffen Bennemann came with his field recorder. The result of this one-week session is a deep House track with a distorted synth line and a Krautrock-slash-funky jazz track!

MUTUAL 004 - Studio Bruno
"Franconia Sessions"


A - Misdummer Escape
B - Funkmaster Joe

Release date: 25.11.2013
Format: 12"
Distribution: dnp-music

Digital Release: 09.12.2013
Format: MP3 / Wav


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